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Houses at DAV  


The house system at D.A.V. International School is the mode to harness peer interaction, teamwork, leadership, competitiveness and participation amongst the students.

With water as the eternal element which signifies life, each house has been associated with a unique set of attributes which define the character of each house.

The four houses are D.A.V. are named after the four great rivers of India namely – Kaveri, Ganga, Krishna and Godavari



KAVERI HOUSE (Red Colour):

The river Kaveri stands for its invincible strength. Denoted by colour Red, the house stands for positive aggression, persistence to achieve and conquer.

KRISHNA HOUSE (Blue Colour):

The flow of the river Krishna steers one, to embrace one’s temporal duties, acting for the sake of service without consideration. Krishna house embraced in colour Blue, signifies selfless duty, independence and diligence.

GANGA HOUSE (Yellow Colour):

Ganga is not just a river but it’s the pride of the nation. The house just like the Ganga stands for purity in thought, dignity in action and a tradition  of achievement

GODAVARI HOUSE (Green Colour):

The river Godavari brings prosperity and success where ever it travels. Denoted with colour Green, Godavari House stands for sensitivity  and sincerity in action.

The warden of different houses are :


Kaveri House

Krishna House

Ganga House

Godavari House

House Captain

Sagarika Mishra

Versha Kaushik

Jigna Panchal

Shefali Gandhi

Wise Captain

Neeva Jha

Dharmesh Patel

Mamta Hastwala

Agrima singh

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