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Philosophy and Methodology  

Educational Learning Program
D.A.V. International School borrows from the various concepts and theories of visionaries such as Rabindranath Tagore, Mahatma Gandhi, Swami Dayanand Saraswati, International Educationists like Maria Montessori and Rudolf Steiner to make its teaching learning processes and the school environment more scientific, relevant and humane. 

In keeping with the philosophies of these visionaries, D.A.V. International has created an environment, which encourages age appropriate learning, creativity, expression and freedom to explore. With specially designed infrastructure, caring staff and a well researched proven, teaching learning methodology, we at D.A.V. ensure an appropriate balance between physical, spiritual and emotional development of our children. 

At D.A.V. we believe in making learning an enjoyable and sought after experience. Children at D.A.V., spend quality time with trained educators who understand the children and enable them to become more creative, innovative, curious and independent. 

E3The teaching learning model is based upon the E3 learning model.

Explore: At D.A.V, we believe that exploration is the key to learning. Giving our children freedom and an environment to explore enables us to build and sustain curiosity to learn.

Experience: A unique learning experience every day, is what we strive for at D.A.V. Ensuring right content with right connect is what adds to the teaching —learning experience at D.A.V. We firmly believe that a hands on approach to learning ensures elevated levels of retention and understanding.

Encourage: Encouragement and recognition, play a very important role in development of the child. At D.A.V. we believe that more the children participate more they understand the spirit of teamwork, competition, sportsmanship and acceptance. Encouragement builds confidence and confidence leads to higher achievement.

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