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The English Performance Enhancement Workshop
Event Start Date : 26/11/2014 Event End Date 26/11/2014

The English Performance Enhancement Workshop

The English Performance Enhancement workshop held at DAV Public school, Thane on 26th Nov. 2014 from 8: am to 4:30 pm It was conducted by Regional Training centre( western zone)

The resource person was Mrs Simi Juneja and Mrs Hema Nair.

Mrs. Anu Lakhotia & Ms Rashmi Tibrewal from DAV International School, Ahmedabad attended the Performance Enhancement Workshop

The workshop began with a welcome note by Shri Jose Kurian, Regional Director, Western Region Zone II. His opening statement was “teacher affect eternity” i.e as a teacher one should focus on holistic development of child with equal emphasis on spiritual, emotional and intellectual aspects of personality.

The objectives of workshop was:

  1. Communicate independently
  2.  language development ( use in everyday life, develop creative abilities,  vocabulary enrichment)
  3.  Activities to be linked to the life outside

The workshop began with a discussion about the various challenges faced by teachers. The points discussed were--

1) to sustain concentration

2) to raise/arouse interest

3) broaden knowledge of English Language

4) Nurture the child’s ability to use language comfortably


Later Mrs. Simi Juneja Ma’am, Principal, DAV Public School Thane, focused on various activities for skill development of learners. The day was divided into three sessions:

Session 1 – effective teaching methods and strategies for primary section

Session2 – Speaking, Reading and Listening Skills

Session 3 – Writing and Grammar Skills

The session included various interactive reading, listening and speaking skills activities like-

  1. Creative solution
  2. Observe pictures & write a story
  3. Case studies
  4. Spin a tale
  5. Let’s go camping
  6. Survival of the fittest
  7. Opposite hats
  8. Pick up the fish (synonyms)

Each session was highly interactive, everyone got opportunity to express and share their personal teaching experiences.

The day ended with short speech from Mrs. Hema Nair ma’am, Principal, DAV International School, Mulund, who shared her enthusiasm for teaching and guided us further to ignite in ourselves passion for teaching.


Report Submitted By,

Mrs. Anu Lakhotia

Mrs. Rashmi Tibrewal